Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Let me introduce myself , I was born and raised in Germany, but as far as I can recall I have been fascinated with Egypt and anything that had to do with it. In 1986 I moved to the USA, became a veterinarian tech, and in 2008 lost my job like so many other people due to down sizing.

In addition, I run a nonprofit dog rescue, K-9 Rescue League, ( ) for the last 10 years although I have rescued animals all my life. Now my home is filled with 15 or more dogs that I actively trying to find forever homes. 

In 2006 I vacationed in Egypt again and remembered what I loved so much about it, came home and began to look for replicas of ancient Egyptian jewelry, (not the cheap version for $20, but real solid pieces) with no luck. After month of searching and no success, I decided to do it myself, and here we are ......

I work with museum pieces like that of Queen Ahhotep, pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY and any Egyptian inspired jewelry.

If you see something that is already sold, please contact me. I may be able to reproduce the piece. You can contact me at with any questions regarding size, beads, or purchases. My creations are marked with either P.Siems or PMAS.

In October 2011 I got diagnosed with breast cancer - stage IV and started chemo in December 2011 and received a clean bill of health in July 2012. Unfortunately in March 2013 my cancer was back and I am undergoing a second Chemo. So please be patient if I do not respond right a way ...........but I will response 

You can also check on e-Bay

Thank you for visiting my site.... Happy Day!!



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