Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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MMA & Others

This page is dedicated to center pieces from the
Metropolitan Museum of Art (
MMA), pectorals and other sources. Since the pieces from the MMA are from the 1976 or 1979 King Tut exhibit, availability is very limited. If you see something that is sold please contact me and I may be able finding the piece in question. If you see a piece and prefer a different pattern or want to see detailed pictures or a particular replica, please let me contact me at,  

The patterns on each center piece chain are closely duplicated from original ancient Egyptian patterns. The components are gold-plated brass (GP) or gold-filled (GF)  beads and semiprecious stones (Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Carnelian or Red Agate). The center pieces are gold plated brass.

For matching bracelets and earrings, click here - Egyptian Inspired.


                 Horus                                                $200 - 300                                       
          God of the Sky

            Eye of Horus                             Original                           Eye of Horus
                                                         $300 - 450                                                  

                King Tut                                              $150 - 250
             Death Mask     

                Hathor & Ankh                                                Hathor
                       SOLD                                                        SOLD

              King Tut's Coronation                               Tri-color Sekmet
  (Natural Cultured Freshwater Peals)
                         $150-250                                               $200-250


         Amun Ra/ The Ram                                Coronation
                 $100-150                                         $150-200

        Egyptian Lion / Sekmet                                 Hathor
                 $125                                                    $100

      Small Horus or Nekhbet                             Eye of Horus 
                 SOLD                                                     SOLD

Other center pieces:

           Anubis 1                                                                            Anubis 2   
  God of Embahming                        $ 100                           God of Embahming  

                                                          Franklin Mint 

                   "The Box cover"                                       " King Tut "
                                                       $150 -250


                 Egyptian Gods                                           " The Net"
   (Natural Cultured Freshwater Peals)  

     Queen Nefertari  1                                                          Queen Nefertari 2  
     wife of Ramsess II                                                         wife of Ramsess II
                 SOLD                                                                                                        SOLD      


    The Eye of Horus                        The Scrab                           The Ankh
" Healing & Protection"                " Creation "                       " Eternal Life" 
            $550 GP                             $500 GP                             $500 GP
            $700 GF                             $650 GF                              $650 GF



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