Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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Museum Replicas

These are not mirror image replicas, due to the fact:


  • The cost of real gold is to expensive.
  • Most of the stones were cut in ancient Egypt are not available today and making them would increase the cost.
  • The replicas are based on pictures only. Since I am not able to inspect them myself (The museum will not send them to me for my personal inspection), therefore the clasp and other mechanisms are based on my personal assumption and not on facts.
The components are gold-plated brass (GP) or gold-filled (GF) beads and semiprecious stones (Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Carnelian). Each clasp and/or center piece is made out of brass and is handmade.

overall look of each piece is close to the original as you can get. I have received compliments on my work from Dr. Gay Robins, professor
of Egyptian Art at the University of Emory in Atlanta, Georgia and Dr. Emily Teeter, Assistant Curator of the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago.

If you would like more information, feel free to email me at,

 Queen Ahhotep $450 GP
                                         (18 Dynasty )                                              $ 575 GF

                     (Look for matching Neckless at : Egyptian Inspired)

  Queen Ahhotep  $450 GP
                                                   (18th Dynasty)                                               $575 GF

  Stone relief  $800 GP
                             Woman with choker                                               $950 GF


Queen Nefertari - Painting from her tomb at the Vally of the Queens    $375.00
Wife of Ramses II / Ramses the Great  - 19 Dynasty

King Tutmoses II ( 18th Dynasty)
                       (Look for matching Neckless at : Egyptian Inspired)

                                              King Tutankhamun  - Scarab     (18 Dynasty)


                                            King Tutankhamun - Eye of Horus( 18 Dynasty)



               (Look for matching Neckless at : Egyptian Inspired)

  Shebyu Collar           $400.00 
                                         (17th Dynasty)

                                        Matching Earring and Bracelet for an additional $100


                                                            Lotus Necklace $90.00

                     Matching earrings and Bracelet for an additional $50.00  

                                                         The Falcon Collar


                             Front                                                       Back

$ 1100-1500 (to be detemine when done due to gold price)

                          Broad Collar


           $1500-2000 (to be detemine when done due to gold price and stones)

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